About Us

Welcome to Frequency

Fast approaching our 20th year in business, we are used to change with innovation being part of our core competencies; it needs to be!

The Mobile Phone industry is unrecognisable from the industry we started in. Handsets have changed from almost indestructible voice and text (MMS) only devices to fragile objects that run, manage and organise our lives.  Let’s be honest, we’d be lost without them.

Accessories, which were once an afterthought, have become essential to protect the big yet delicate screens; a necessity that consumers value more and more.

Over our 20 years, the routes to markets have completely changed. The initial boom of big phone stores has been replaced with Operators, online stores and B2B becoming the key volume drivers.

Our biggest partners are Operators, distributors and a huge range of reseller markets, who trust us to provide products that drive their revenues.

Frequency has always been able to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in this ever-evolving market. Our job is to keep our partners supplied with the products and services they need when they need it.

We are proud to have a committed, talented multilingual team based in UK and across Europe to ensure we are aware of what our customers are planning next, tied in with the demands and wishes of the brands we represent. The Mobile industry is fast-paced, and our people have been selected to keep up.

As well as supporting our valued brand partners, we are incredibly proud to be a market-leading design manufacturer, further delivering on our key values.

Management Team

Gareth Limpenny
CEO & Founder

John Willoughby
Business Development Director

Paul Slaven
Head of Sales Trade & Corporate

Melissa Caws
HR Manager

Terri McDermott
Finance Manager

Lucy Rochford
Customer Service Manager

Shafiq Hassanali
Warehouse Manager

Jeff Deans
Design Manager

Our History

Our story begins

Gareth Limpenny and 3 colleagues establish Frequency. His vision was to create a company that excelled in distribution and the objective to simply deliver high-quality handsets on time.


New corporate partners

T-Mobile and Orange signs deals with Frequency.

Sunday Times Success

Frequency is featured in the prestigious The Sunday Times 2013 Profit Track 100 list and the International Track 200.

Eiger launched

After achieving great success and market acceptance, we extend our own brand by launching Eiger, a high-quality range of mobile accessories.

Master Distributor of Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi products are awarded OFCOM licence-exempt status and Frequency is appointed Cel-Fi Master Distributor in the UK and Ireland.

Turnover grows

After securing a deal with O2 to source handsets when no one else could. Frequency achieved £9.9 million turnover in their 2nd year of trading.

The Dawn of Mobile Accessories

John Willoughby joins Frequency as Sales Director and is strategic in helping to capitalise on the growing accessory market.

Dedicated B2B division launched

A new revenue stream and a dedicated team is created for business to business partnerships.

Case FortyFour launched

Propelled by the continued success of our own brands, we launch Case FortyFour; a collection of case designs in a wide range of materials and colours.

MAKO launched

In the wake of the success we achieved by designing and manufacturing customised mobile accessory ranges for our customer, we launch MAKO; Frequency’s most versatile brand created for bespoke client requirements.

Frequency launches a new subsidiary

In 2005 Jelly Communications was born, offering connected mobile phone packages to the B2B SME market.

European Expansion

Frequency moves into the European smartphone market and recruits a dedicated, multi-lingual international sales team to build pan-European distribution channels.

Own brands launched

With suppliers and manufacturers in place, we design, manufacture and launch our own brands in the UK marketplace, starting with RedNeck.

Fully Recyclable Packaging

In our quest to protect the environment, we launch fully recyclable packaging for our products.

FUJIGLASS launched

To complete our range of own brands, FUJIGLASS is launched to deliver high-quality screen protection at the best possible price.

Emerald House, 14 East Street
Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1HS
Unit C, Longmead Business Centre
Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9QQ


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