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Aircharge products now available at Frequency. Aircharge offer simple and convenient wireless charging solutions for mobile devices without the need for cables! The Aircharge product range incorporates premium, portable designs to ensure you never run out of charge on-the-go.

Aircharge are members of the Wireless Power Consortium, who have a global standard for wireless charging that makes all wireless chargers compatible with all phones and battery operated products!

Check out their great range of products available to order now:

Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus and 5/5s/SE

Use this lightweight and tactile MFi certified case with your iPhone and simply place on any Qi wireless charger to charge your phone. Combined with a sleek, lightweight design this case is the perfect complement to your device. Aircharge cases are Qi-certified meaning they are made to the highest standards and will work with any Qi-compatible hardware.

Wireless Charging Receiver for Lightning and Micro USB devices

The Aircharge Wireless Charging Receiver allows you to adapt almost any smartphone to wireless charging. Simply connect this small and lightweight receiver to your smartphone and place the receiver on any Qi wireless charger to power up your device. A detachable key ring strap is included for extra versatility and portability. The Charging Receiver is available with either a Lightning or Micro USB connector.

Wireless Charging Lightning and Micro USB Keyring Receiver

Recently launched, the Keyring Receiver combines practicality and style. With an integrated Micro USB and MFi certified Lightning connector, you can keep all your devices and accessories charged at home and on-the-go. Once connected to a device, simply place the keyring receiver on any Qi wireless enabled charger and recharge your battery without the need for a cable.

Aircharge Locator App

With over 4000 wireless charging points available in public spaces, Aircharge is working towards a truly wireless world. Simply download the App to pinpoint wireless charging locations, including restaurants, cafes, shops, train stations, airports and more. It also includes a handy battery feature alert. The Aircharge App is available on Apple, Android and Windows App Stores.

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