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Eiger 3D 360° Front and Back Tempered Glass – Available to Order Now!

By December 4, 2017June 15th, 2020No Comments

The ultimate glass protection – new Eiger 3D 360° GLASS offers 360° protection for your device.

More and more device manufacturers are beginning to switch to all-glass bodies, which although look great leave your device vulnerable to damage! The Apple iPhone X is a key example of this and has been dubbed the ‘most breakable iPhone ever’ (9to5Mac). The price of Apple’s replacement screen service has also now increased with users expected to pay up to £176.44 to get them fixed, an increase of £20 on last year. To help combat this, Eiger GLASS have created new 360° GLASS to help protect your phone’s screen and back from any accidental drops or scratches!

Offering premium, full frame and back protection for your device, Eiger 3D 360° GLASS is perfect for all new devices with a glass back. The almost invisible Eiger 360° GLASS has a 100% clear back and the colour-matched front has a minimal impact on the sleek design of your device. The Apple iPhone X screen protector also comes with a precision cut TPU camera film providing extra protection against damage and allowing for full coverage of glass surfaces – protecting your phone from those expensive repair costs!

3D GLASS is even more rounded than the standard GLASS screen protectors, giving you a smooth rounded edge which looks and feels great and follows the curve of your phone. Eiger screen protectors are 9 times harder than standard glass and feature a 0.33mm ultra-thin, scratch resistant design with high definition clarity.

Eiger 3D 360° GLASS is made with premium Japanese tempered glass and glue, ensuring the best protection and adhesion. The high viscosity glue ensures strong adhesion and helps prevent any lifting. The back glass utilises an edge-glue to ensure the back of your phone is bubble free!

Eiger 3D 360° is available to order now for the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Find out more and see the whole range on the Web Shop!

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