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Protect your device screen with Eiger GLASS – New CTU for retailers

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New CTU for retailers

According to research by O2, an estimated 7.5 million Britons have a cracked phone screen at any one time and Apple have now increased the price of their replacement screen service. Users with out-of-warranty devices can now be expected to pay up to £176.44 to get them fixed, an increase of £20. (Source: Telegraph). This shows how important it now is to look after your device – especially the screen! Eiger GLASS deliver the ultimate screen protection for smartphones with maximum scratch and shock resistance to keep your device looking brand new.

Offering two key ranges, 3D GLASS includes an Edge to Edge and Case Friendly design, created to fit seamlessly with your curved phone, whilst the standard 2.5D GLASS collection delivers maximum scratch protection and exceptional value for money. A new, premium counter top display unit is also available with Eiger product orders – speak to your account manager for more information*.

Check out the full range:

Eiger 3D GLASS – Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Eiger Full Screen 3D GLASS is crafted using a special process enabling it to be curved to match the device’s screen it is protecting.

Perfect Fit with 100% Screen Coverage
3D GLASS is curved to match the exact shape of your smartphone’s screen to ensure a seamless fit and 100% screen coverage.

Anti-Dust Layer
The edges of 3D GLASS feature an anti-dust layer which prevents the edges of the screen protector from lifting – a common issue with other curved edge protectors on the market.

Full Frame Protection
Eiger 3D GLASS offers full frame protection and is available in a range of clear and colour matched frames. This offers extra protection and blends seamlessly with the design of your device.

Available for Samsung, Nokia and Huawei.   

Eiger 3D GLASS – Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Case Friendly 3D GLASS features a slightly smaller cut for an optimal fit when used with a phone case.

Designed to Fit with Your Phone Case
3D GLASS has been designed to use with all kinds of phone case to ensure there is no lifting. Featuring a slightly smaller cut, it offers an optimal fit when used in combination with a case.

Strong Adhesion
Made with premium Japanese Asahi glass, Eiger uses high viscosity glue to ensure a strong adhesion and helps to prevent any lifting.

HD Clarity
With HD Clarity, Eiger 3D GLASS preserves the vibrant colours of your phone’s display.

Please note, 3D Case Friendly GLASS is only available for: Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

Eiger 2.5D GLASS – Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Crafted from high-quality tempered glass, the Eiger GLASS screen protector delivers maximum scratch and shock protection and offers exceptional value for money.

0.33mm Thin with Premium Materials
Eiger GLASS features 0.33mm ultra-thin glass with 2.5D rounded corners. It is also made with premium quality Japanese Asahi glass to ensure the best protection and adhesion.

Oleophobic Nano Coating
Creates an oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint surface that is easier to clean and protects against dirt and dust.

9H Hardness
9x harder than standard glass, Eiger GLASS delivers maximum scratch and shock protection.

Available for Apple, Huawei, Motorola and Samsung models.

Eiger GLASS Warranty

Eiger is committed to quality and offer a warranty on all Eiger GLASS screen protectors. A 10-year warranty for the standard Eiger GLASS products and a 2-year warranty on all Eiger 3D GLASS. The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship and does not include deliberate or accidental damage.

Eiger GLASS Marketing Support

Eiger can provide customers with a range of marketing support and solutions, from bespoke POS and planograms to newsletters and advertisements. Please contact your Account Manager today for more information.

Eiger GLASS have a range of new products coming soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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*MOQs apply. Please speak to your Account Manager for more information.

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