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Energize Your Device!

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Energizer, the original pioneer in batteries and lights is now available from Frequency Telecom. In stock and available for Europe, choose from a huge range of Energizer accessories including chargers and cables. Visit our Web Shop now

The Energizer brand has a rich heritage built on trust and this is still relevant 115 years later with 75% brand awareness. Energizer offers consistent quality products that are trusted worldwide and their range of mobile accessories includes mains chargers, car chargers, cables and power banks to keep your smartphones and tablets charged.

Mains Chargers

Energizer’s range of mains chargers allow you to charge your device at home or at the office with ease. Featuring the HighTech 2.4A Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Mains Charger, which allows you to charge up to 75% faster than standard main chargers with enabled devices. The charger will automatically identify the corresponding output current for your devices, up to 12 watts for safe fast charging.


Car Chargers

Charge your devices on the road with Energizer’s range of car chargers, featuring the HighTech 2.4A Dual USB Car Charger and 1m Cable, available with a Micro USB, Type C or Apple Lightning connector. This power and safe in-car charger allows you to charge both your smartphone and tablets at the same time, and the Smart IC will detect your devices to deliver the perfect power.


Charge and sync your smartphone and tablet with Energizer’s range of Apple Lightning, Micro USB and USB Type-C cables. The range includes the Ultimate 1.2m Ultra Resistant Apple Lightning Cable with superior anti-flex performance. The cable is MFi certified, compact, portable and will charge and sync your Apple Lightning devices.


Always Trusted. Always Ready.

Energizer® simple solutions for an on-the-go world full of technology and connectivity. Ever since we created the world’s first consumer battery in 1896, as well as the very first torch two years later, our mission has been to innovate with both performance and responsibility in mind in order to give you power that you can use and depend on. Operating in over 160 countries worldwide, we use your fresh perspectives to constantly challenge and progress our surroundings. From the products we create, to the global initiatives we support, we design with a focus on people and the planet, enabling you to have a positive and powerful impact on the world around you by doing, enjoying and accomplishing more than ever before.

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