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Get your business ready for the return of the workforce

By May 27, 2020July 2nd, 2020No Comments

The proposed easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are widely discussed and businesses around the world are preparing their places of work to allow for the return of some of their workforce.

The government published a 50-page document outlining how restrictions will be eased and provided employers with practical C-19 guidelines which will allow employees to return to work safely. The onus now rests on business owners to swiftly convert the working environment to ensure that it complies with these guidelines and allow staff to maintain safe social distancing and practice good hygiene whilst at work.

For many businesses, this means rearranging workspaces; sprawling out into unused or under-utilised areas of the building. However, a common problem in large buildings such as office blocks, warehouses, distribution centres and factories, are that these areas were historically unused as they were undesirable in terms of aesthetics, ventilation or for having poor mobile signal coverage.

This is where Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters can help you get your business ready. The Cel-Fi range of mobile signal boosters can maximise in-building mobile signal to give you and your workforce clearer voice quality and more consistent data performance throughout the building. There is a Cel-Fi mobile signal booster available for any indoor space.

Cel-Fi products are mobile network approved and fully meet the regulatory requirements in the UK and Ireland. The Cel-Fi commitment is to protect the operator’s network, deliver the best in-building mobile performance, and be the easiest and quickest solution to install.

The Cel-Fi PRIME mobile signal booster provides 80dB of gain and plug-and-play mobile signal coverage for a flat, storefront, kiosk, apartment, offices or similar space, enabling clear and reliable connections within a coverage area of up to 1,000 ft².

The Cel-Fi SOLO smart signal booster provides up to 100dB of gain covering up to 1,500 m² of indoor space per system. It is the perfect mobile boosting solution for small businesses, home offices, commercial properties and larger residential properties. The Cel-Fi SOLO is easy to install but can be configured with additional antennas for wider coverage.

The rugged Cel-Fi GO X is IP65 rated weather resistant and does not interfere with other wireless devices. This multi-carrier solution will provide up to 100dB gain and is ideal for use in commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses, and large homes.

The Cel-Fi Quatra is a scalable in-building mobile system for delivering high-quality signal in venues up to 200,000 ft². It is a cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy solution that combines the best of active DAS and Smart Booster technologies that have been widely adopted by carriers around the world, setting a new standard in signal boosting capabilities.

Contact us +44 (0)330 353 0197 or view our range of products here and get your business ready.

About Frequency Telecom

Established in 2002, Frequency Telecom are experts in delivering mobile accessories and signal solutions.  The company is proud to have worked with a number of high-profile customers creating uniquely branded and bespoke products across a range of different industries, including the Public Sector, Retail, B2B and Corporate Businesses. Working closely with its partners, including Bury, Huawei, Samsung, Nextivity Cel-Fi and Eiger Protection, Frequency manages all accessory requirements from sourcing specific products to bespoke manufactured solutions whilst offering competitive pricing and fast service. Additional information is available at, on TwitterLinkedIn, and on Facebook

About Cel-Fi by Nextivity

Nextivity Inc. develops the award-winning Cel-Fi family of products that deliver best-in-class in-building and mobile cellular coverage for spaces up to 500,000 sq. ft., and for environments where harsh conditions require a rugged design. Cel-Fi is the go-to solution for settings such as healthcare facilities, office buildings, remote sites, parking garages, hotels, warehouse and industrial venues, government offices, retailers, schools, as well as trucking and marine fleets. Cel-Fi products are available in 90 countries through mobile operators and a growing worldwide network of master distributors, systems integrators, installers, and resellers. Additional information is available at, on TwitterLinkedIn, and on Facebook

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