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Charge 10 devices simultaneously with the iLuv MultiCharger-X 10 Port USB Charging Dock – In stock now!

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Do you struggle to keep all your devices fully charged? Are your family members or colleagues competing over plug socket space? In this digital era, it can be a constant challenge to ensure all our devices are fully charged.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading, as we explore the iLuv MultiCharger-X 10 Port USB Charging Dock, which allows users to charge 10 devices at once, in a lockable, portable charging dock.

Many businesses and organisations, including hospitals and schools, have fully embraced the use of tablets at work, to help improve their efficiency.

Doctors are using tablets to review electronic medical records and show patients’ diagrams, X-Rays and videos.

Schools encourage teachers and pupils to use tablets as educational tools, to enhance creativity through video, photography, music and podcasts.

Business organisations are also using tablets to improve the day-to-day running of their company, from sales through to accounting.

Whether you’re a restaurant, corporation or just run a busy home, the iLuv MultiCharger-X will benefit your business by improving your charging efficiency (charging up to 10 devices at once), whilst providing an effective way to sync data and updates across multiple devices, all within a lockable, portable storage dock.

Recently in the press we have read about the benefits of USB Multi-Chargers for businesses, with Tech Advisor and Business Insider both writing informative articles for buyers.

According to Tech Advisor: “beyond our core mobile computing devices – our laptops, our tablets, our smartphones – we can’t think of a more useful gadget to have around the home (than a USB Multi-Port Charger). It’s not so much a question of why would you want a desktop charger, but why wouldn’t you want one?”

While most devices tested by Tech Advisor only offered 3-5 USB ports, iLuv MultiCharger-X boasts a very generous 10 port solution, which should see an end to competition over ports and wall chargers.

When choosing a USB Multi-Port charging dock for your business, there are four key features to consider before buying:

  1. How many USB ports are offered? The more USB ports available the more devices you can charge at one time (with 10 being an ideal number).
  2. Is the docking station lockable? You want to make sure your devices are kept securely while charging.
  3. How portable is the dock? You want to be able to move the dock around as needed.
  4. How durable and hard wearing is the docking station? You’ll want to keep all your devices safe from bumps and drops.

The iLuv MultiCharger-X has been designed with 10 USB ports available for charging your devices simultaneously. This ensures charging efficiency over multiple devices, throughout the day or overnight.

In addition to acting as a 10-slot charging station, iLuv MultiCharger-X is a great place to securely keep valuable company tablets. The lockable door, with two keys, means you no longer need to worry about expensive devices going missing.

The iLuv MultiCharger-X comes with comfortable handles and grooves for easy stacking and portability. It also comes with durable, smooth wheels, so you can pull or push it around while carrying other items, where required.

iLuv MultiCharger-X has been constructed from extremely strong materials, with a durable aluminium structure, providing ultra-support for your devices, as well as reassurance that it will last. The smooth rubber coating on the top enables you to place objects and valuables on top of the unit without worrying about scratching or slipping.

We’ve compared the iLuv MultiCharger-X to its closest rival, the Griffin Multidock, to show how it compares against the competition. The iLuv MultiCharger-X clearly offers outstanding value for money without compromising on any key features.

As a ‘Red Dot Product Design Award’ winner, the iLuv MultiCharger-X has been recognised by the communications industry as being a product worthy of praise. With its efficient charging and secure design, it’s easy to see why it is so highly praised.

If you’re a retailer looking to stock the iLuv MultiCharger-X, please visit our web shop to register your interest and one of our account managers will be in touch shortly –

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