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Impact Gel at IFA 2017 – World’s Greatest Impact Protection

By August 1, 2017October 12th, 2020No Comments
Impact Gel Protection

Aiming to redefine protection technology, Impact Gel, manufacturer of patented impact absorbing technology, has partnered with Frequency Telecom UK as its distributor for mobile phone cases into the European market. Their range of protective, shock-absorbing phone cases and Grab Pads will be showcased at IFA 2017 this year.

Nearly 30% of smartphones suffer accidental damage in their first year of ownership and 15% of these smartphone users continue using the damaged device. With 79% of smartphone owners using a protective case, why are the rates of damage so high?

Since 2002, Impact Gel has been developing shock absorbing technologies utilising its unique soybean-based gel. Originally developed to improve safety systems for NASCAR, Impact Gel is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly compound that absorbs incredible amounts of kinetic energy. Upon impact, energy is dissipated away from the source akin to ripples in a pond. Having been incredibly successful in other markets, Impact Gel sought to develop a solution to the broken smartphone epidemic by building a more effective phone case.

While most other mobile phone cases utilise thermoplastic polyurethanes and elastomers as the shock absorbing material, Impact Gel offers an alternative material that vastly improves the performance of the case. Impact Gel absorbs 44% more force than competing materials and our cases have been drop tested to protect from falls up to 3 meters high. Every Impact Gel case contains 2mm of the patented Impact Gel material for maximum shock absorption and protection. Impact Gel has created an innovative solution to protecting users’ smartphone investments.

See Impact Gel at IFA 2017

Impact Gel will be showcasing their range of lightweight and shock-absorbent cases for Apple and Samsung devices as well as the innovative Gel Grab Pads. Join us at Hall 4.2 Stand 125.


To book a meeting ahead of the show, please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 8397 2222


Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on who will be joining us at IFA 2017.

Read more about Impact Gel here and pre-order now on our Web Shop.

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