“JAYS breaks the sound barrier” with the u-JAYS on-ear headphones, according to CNET

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The u-JAYS headphones have recently been reviewed by CNET, check out the feedback below.

“Unboxing Jays’ little u-Jays on-ear, my first impression was that these headphones look and feel are distinctly better than I’d expect for $120 (with free shipping on Amazon). I popped ’em on my head, they sounded really nice, so I kept listening. Checked the price again, yup, it’s $120. So I listened some more. […]

It sounds pretty refined with classical and jazz, lows are plenty deep, midrange is natural, and the highs are clear. On-ear designs can sound somewhat claustrophobic or cramped inside my noggin, but the u-Jays’ soundstage was admirably spacious.

Kicking back with Dinosaur Jr.’s “Farm,” the u-Jays wasted no time establishing their rock credibility. The sound was nicely balanced, not too bright or grating, but there was no shortage of detail. This headphone isn’t the least bit fussy about the sound of your music, it’s friendly to all genres.”

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Read the full review here.

Premium u-JAYS on-ear headphones

Optimised for iOS or Android

u-JAYS have been designed for effortless everyday use. The product is a technological step forward in many ways and as every product bearing the name JAYS, it is carefully crafted and packed with new innovative features. Optimised for either iOS or Android depending on your choice, u-JAYS headphones come with a full-feature three-button remote and are available in black or white with different metal finishes to match your smartphone, computer and style. Emphasising comfort, sound and quality, u-JAYS embody a seamless blend of balanced sound, lasting comfort and effortless aesthetics.

Balanced, quality sound with a 40mm dynamic speaker

u-JAYS headphones are designed to let the earcups and ear cushions work together as an acoustic system. For greatly improved details and deeper bass response, the u-JAYS have a custom developed 40 mm dynamic speaker with Japanese Silk-diaphragm. To optimise the air-flow through the system vent holes, covered with acoustic tuning filters, are evenly distributed 360° around the speaker. The superior sound isolation of the u-JAYS delivers better quality sound at a lower volume and will protect your hearing in the long run.

u-JAYS are available to order on our web shop here!

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