Introducing the latest additions to the MIPOW PLAYBULB™ Colour range – The Bluetooth Smart LED Comet Light Strip and Spot Light Bulb

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Smart Home Technology is becoming increasingly popular and the first step for most is installing smart lighting. According to Centercode, analysts predict that there will be 45 billion smart home devices in use by 2018 and in a survey carried out, 44% found product control to be the most appealing aspect of smart technology (Source: Centercode). Consumers are constantly on the look-out for the latest mobile controlled gadget to manage their home whilst they are on-the-go and MIPOW PLAYBULB’s large variety of smart lighting products are the perfect first-step towards a connected home. Exclusively available from Frequency Telecom*, the new PLAYBULB™ Comet and Spot are the latest products in the PLAYBULB™ collection.

PLAYBULB Comet – Bluetooth Smart LED 2m Colour Light Stripcomet

PLAYBULB™ Comet is a unique Bluetooth® Smart LED light strip that is easy to use and allows you to freely create your own coloured ambience throughout the home.

Place the strip around your living room area, counter top, or any other creative places. The thin DC adaptor cord allows it to be hidden from view giving all the lights the attention whilst an included 3m adhesive strip makes it easy to attach to any surface for quick installation and use. Just plug in the DC power adaptor, download the PLAYBULB™ X App to control the colour and brightness, and you’re good to go! Home décor never looked this cool with the PLAYBULB™ Comet Bluetooth® Smart Colour LED light strip!

PLAYBULB™ Spot – Bluetooth Smart LED Colour Spot Light Bulbspot

PLAYBULB™ Spot is a Bluetooth® Smart LED spot light bulb that can be controlled via the PLAYBULB™ X App. It’s sleek and subtle design is ideal for highlighting art work or features in and around the home.

This unique spot light lets you create a coloured atmosphere throughout the home whilst the built-in Bluetooth® chip allows you to control brightness and colour changing effects. With LED lights in red, green, blue and white, PLAYBULB™ Spot opens doors to a whole range of colour fading options!

Available in a 1 pack and 3 pack.

Group Control

All PLAYBULB™ products, including the new Comet and Spot, can be grouped with the PLAYBULB™ X App. The App makes grouping multiple products together easy, allowing set groups to share the same colour and lighting effects. Up to five products can be controlled in one group, however the number of groups a user can make is unlimited. From multiple colour groups for parties to one single relaxing light – the mood lighting options are endless!

Free PLAYBULB™ X Appapp

The PLAYBULB™ X App allows you to manage and modify lighting options via Bluetooth enabled smartphone devices.

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*UK and Nordics

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