New Commute Wireless Headphones from VAIN STHLM – Available to Order Now from Frequency Telecom!

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New VAIN headphones

Headphones are more than just a device for listening to music, they are a lifestyle accessory. Their colour, shape, size and even how you wear them all send a message.  Introducing the new VAIN STHLM Commute. High performance wireless headphones in solid metal housing made for your everyday commute. These stylish headphones with smart designed noise reducing ear cushions, bridge the gap between mid-range and luxury, making great sound accessible to all.

Designed and Tuned in Sweden

Swedish brand VAIN, founded in 2012 by 2 brothers, specialises in headphones which are fine tuned to provide high quality sound combined with a Swedish inspired minimalistic design.  The premium VAIN sound is the result of extensive development, testing and an uncompromising passion for high quality sound and function. The sound of the Commute headphones is truly first-class, with deep heavy bass, excellent treble, and a perfectly balanced mid range..

aptX® CSR Technology

Equipped with aptX® audio technology, Commute headphones deliver CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth connection.


Commute headphones are inspired by the Stockholm underground, considered to have the most beautiful stations and platform in the world.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design

The solid metal housing and uniquely constructed ear-cushions help to keep the surrounding noise out, enclosing you in a world of your own. They are crafted from protein leather for the best comfort and durability.

Control the Headphones

Enjoy your favourite music, listen to books and podcasts or call your friends in a wireless world. Built-in controls mean you can adjust the volume, change tracks, answer incoming calls and more.

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Please note: VAIN products are only available for UK customers.

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