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New Eiger Privacy 3D GLASS – Available to Pre-Order Now!

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New Eiger Privacy 3D GLASS – Available to Pre-Order Now!

With security threats increasing and smartphones being used for business outside of the office, it is important to ensure your content is kept safe! New Eiger Privacy 3D GLASS uses a two-way privacy filter to obstruct the view of your screen from onlookers, allowing you to browse your confidential information in confidence. The Privacy Screen Protector range is available to pre-order for various devices including the Apple iPhone 8/7/6s/6, as well as Plus models and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+.

Two-way privacy is designed to ensure that your phone is clear when looking at your device directly, but when angled the display darkens to block visibility from prying eyes on either side – keeping your phone content safe! If you want to share your content with others, simply rotate your phone into landscape mode.

Other privacy solutions are film-based or flat glass that can’t offer full screen coverage or the level of protection that Eiger 3D GLASS delivers. They also also apply the privacy filter to the full screen protector which applies a tint to your whole phone, whilst Eiger’s colour-matched acrylic frame keeps the appearance of your device intact.

Eiger Privacy 3D GLASS has been designed to be used with all types of case to ensure there is no lifting, whilst offering edge-to-edge coverage to ensure maximum screen protection with and without a case.

Find out more and see the whole range on the Web Shop!

Made with premium Japanese tempered glass and glue, Eiger Privacy 3D GLASS ensures the best protection and adhesion. The high viscosity glue ensures strong adhesion and helps prevent any lifting.

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