Pokémon Go Has Become a Global Phenomenon – Keep your phone powered up with our great range of portable chargers and charging cases

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The hugely popular Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm with millions downloading the app. Now available in the UK as well as the U.S, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, the app allows players to catch, train and battle Pokémon using their phone’s GPS location (BBC).  Research by Survey Monkey shows that the app has already become the biggest mobile game in U.S history and within three days of its release attracted more users than Twitter.

This addictive game means people have been out and about catching Pokémon all day and unfortunately phone batteries can only run the game for a few hours. So we’ve put together a selection of products, including portable batteries and charging cases, to keep your phone powered up all day:

Case-Mate – Genuine Leather, Charging CasesCM032707__PT01__20150910094248 (2)

Crafted from genuine leather, the Case-Mate Wallet and Wristlet can carry all your daily essentials in one place. Incorporating 2 credit card slots, an ID slot and a cash pocket, the cover is detachable form the slim case that holds your device making it a great 2-in-1 option. The built-in rapid charging 3500mAh battery provides up to 125% extra battery life for an iPhone 6/6s meaning you will never run out of battery on-the-go!

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mophie – Charging Cases Approved by Apple475a2778-0237-48df-a3eb-d3d79576dcbb

The mophie Juice Pack Helium case includes a 1500mAh battery effectively providing extra battery life for your device. Engineered with edge-to-edge protection the case is outfitted with 80% more battery life to keep your phone safe and charged. The LED indicator will let you know how much charge you have left and you can even charge your phone and battery case together with the included micro USB cable. Tested and approved by Apple, the Juice Pack Helium case ensures safe and secure charging!

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MIPOW – Stylish, Compact Portable ChargersFT111375__PT02__20160513152856 (2)

The MIPOW Smart Portable Charging Power Tube is a compact, all-in-one charger with a built-in Lightning connector. Using the unique JuiceSync app you can monitor and track your charger smartly. The app also includes a Find Me function so you can always find your charger.

The MIPOW Power Cube 9000 is a stylish, compact and powerful all-in-one charger, specifically designed for Apple devices with a built-in Lightning connector. There is also a built-in USB port to charge most mobile phones via their original charging cable. Simply press the button on the cube to initiate charging and indicator lights will show you the charging and power status.

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Griffin – Rugged Portable Power Bank

The Griffin Survivor Portable Power Bank has been built to endure some of the toughest conditions. This ultra-rugged high capacity portable power bank uses a 10,200mAh rechargeable battery to power and charger your smartphone. Manufactured to withstand 2 metre drops and IP-66 rated, the Griffin Survivor Battery pack can charge your smartphone up to 6 times.

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