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Youth culture, growing trends and the PopSockets phenomenon

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Pop Culture and the growing PopSockets trend

I’m sure every generation says the same thing, but today’s youth have a wildly different experience and are faced with so many decisions as a consumer and as individuals, compared to previous generations.

Take the ‘Millennials’, for example. These are individuals who are now at a stage of life where they are needing to make some important real-life decisions: What career do I want? Should I buy a house? Should I get married? How will a career break affect my future? Who should I vote for? What brands do I associate mostly with? How do I feel about feminism and gender equality? What gender even am I?! The list goes on and on!

Some of the most ground-breaking trends today were implemented back when millennials were children, growing up right through the digital age. The internet really took off and mobile phones rapidly improved during their teen years. Brands like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Apple won their hearts and social media was and is everything! Soon, mobile phones became a necessity rather than a luxury and now, they rarely leave our sides.

It was on the back of current trends (social media and influencer marketing), that PopSockets really started to gain recognition and interest. It didn’t take long for PopSockets Grips to be seen and admired by large numbers of fashion conscious, trendy, mobile phone users, all over social media, but most interestingly, not by any particular generation or demographic but rather society as a whole.

These PopSockets Grips were being liked, shared, and purchased for everyone from children, right through to the elderly (for grip stability). These “little life changers” are more popular today than ever before, with last year’s sales figures passing 35 million units, in 40 countries.

What are PopSockets Grips and how are they used?

PopSockets Grips are a high-quality, durable, mobile phone accessory with an adhesive pad that you can stick onto the back of your mobile phone or tablet.

The small discs can be pulled out and used to help you grip your phone better, or be used as a stand or earbud wrap.

The top 5 uses for PopSockets Grips are:

  • Grip for larger devices
  • Easy Grip while working
  • Watching Videos
  • Earphone Management

If you’re a consumer in the UK looking to grab some of these on trend mobile phone accessories, many retailers including Clare’s Accessories, Ryman’s and Dixons Travel have them in stock.

Alternatively, if you’re a retailer, reseller or distributor, please fill out our online contact form and one of our account managers will be in touch shortly.

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