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Exploring the new Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ ‘3D Sonic Sensor’

By February 20, 2019June 15th, 2020No Comments

The new Eiger 3D glass screen protector for the S10/S10+ is a unique solution to enable usage of Samsung’s 3D Sonic sensor. It has been developed to deliver the expected level of Eiger protection along with full functionality of the Samsung device.

The glass product is produced from tempered Asahi glass (0.33mm depth) with a framed glue for the glass. The hole protector is made from a flexible acrylic glass with a full glue covering to secure itself to the screen. The glass is only glued around the frame because other gluing options such as full screen glue have proven to be very likely to produce bubbles, especially on curved devices.

Please also note that any PET-solution, which is the only other option available, will not protect the devices’ screen against shock or impact.

What is a 3D Sonic sensor?

The Eiger North Case features a two-layer design to help protect your device against impacts or shocks. With an inner TPU shell and an outer protective case it is ideal for everyday business use and active lifestyles!

Traditionally most devices have used an optical sensor which essentially takes a picture of your fingerprint to compare with the image stored on the device. This can work with most glass screen protectors without any amendments.

A 3D sensor creates a 3D mould of the fingertip by bouncing sound-waves through the device glass and off the skin. This creates a fingerprint file that is far more accurate and potentially more secure.

The problem is that this only works over a short distance and in testing would not work with normal screen glass .

Eiger’s solution is to replace the glass portion which covers the 3D Sonic senor with a flexible acrylic glass material which will allow full functionality of the sensor without any loss of protection of the screen. This material allows the sensor’s sound-waves to be transmitted through to the fingertip.

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