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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series due to launch on 5th August


Samsung will be unveiling a new range of devices on 5th August. Although we all have to wait until the event to confirm, the general consensus is that the Galaxy Note 20 Series and the Galaxy Fold 2 will be unveiled.

The Samsung Note 20 series is anticipated to include a host of enhanced and updated features, most notably the Pro Video mode. As Sam Mobile explains, this will be a game-changer for vloggers and live stream. It allows you to choose which microphone you want to use while you record, whether that be front, back or a Bluetooth/USB mic. You’ll also be able to record video in up to 8K resolution which will enable a more cinematic output.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Samsung website posted a big design-related leak which renders a bronze Galaxy Note 20 Ultra; with matching coloured smart watches!

Evan Blass also had the rumour mill going when he posted a 360-degree view of the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra on twitter, showing off their flat screen and raised camera bumps. More recently, he posted an array of images (see above) which leads us on to the colour variations that could be available for these devices. This was followed by another trusted tech commentator who alleged that the Galaxy Note 20 will be available in grey, green and copper whilst the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be available in copper, white and black.

Of course, the main question on everyone’s mind is ‘When can we buy it?’. According to TechRadar, and based on previous Samsung device launches, it is likely to be available a couple of weeks post the launch event.

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Eiger | 3D GLASS Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Eiger 3D Glass offers high-quality materials and protection. But unlike Eiger Standard Glass screen protectors, it uses a special process enabling it to be curved to match the device’s screen it is protecting.

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Mountain Glass is Eiger’s strongest screen protector yet. It’s crafted from super-strong alumino-silicate glass, meaning it’s a highly protective solution for your device.

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Eiger North Case

Eiger North Case features a two-layer design to help protect your device against impacts or shocks. With an inner TPU shell and an outer protective case it is ideal for everyday business use and active lifestyles!

Eiger Glacier Case

Eiger Glacier Case, in Alpine ice design for crystal clear protection, is another addition to Eiger rugged protection case range. It features independent button technology in a shadow black design. Unique anti-scratch and anti-yellow Glacier Tec+, along with raised edges and an effective ventilation system provides enhanced overall protection.

Case FortyFour No.1

Slim, lightweight protection! No.1 Case is an ultra-flexible TPU shell offering a precise, form-fit design and intelligent impact protection for your device. Perfect for showcasing your device and maintaining its slim design, No.1 Case delivers everyday protection against impacts, scratches, dirt and dust. The ultra-flexible, TPU design also makes the case easy to attach and remove.

Case FortyFour No.11

Designed for those on-the-go, the No.11 Case features 3 credit card slots and a cash pocket, making it the perfect everyday accessory. A built-in stand makes this phone case great for watching videos hands-free as well as viewing photos and browsing the web. The folio design includes an integrated shell for added protection, whilst the front cover will keep your screen safe.

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