Leading retailers, Selfridges and Harrods, take new Swedish audio brand VAIN STHLM

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Exclusively available from Frequency across the UK, VAIN STHLM earphones are now available in Harrods and Selfridges.

VAIN STHLM is a Swedish brand founded in 2012 by two brothers; passionate about music and making great sound accessible. VAIN Originals in-ear earphones offer high-quality sound and functionality, finished with Swedish-inspired minimalistic design. More than just a device for listening to music – they are a lifestyle accessory.

High-quality sound

Offering high quality sound a1nd functionality, products from VAIN are finished with a Swedish-inspired minimalistic design. Designed with a ‘less is more’ philosophy the quality is outstanding. It is as much about the visual experience as about the physical experience through soft-touch materials, gentle magnetic ‘clicks’ and a smooth feeling when closing the tin.

Nordic colours

The colours are inspired by the Nordic light and nature, taking inspiration from Sweden’s industrial heritage as copper exporters, the design blends this seamlessly with their minimalistic style. You can choose from: Cloudy Grey, Dusty Pink, Frozen Green, Lazy Black, Raw Umber and Broken White.

High-fashion feel

The audio experience is characterised with deep bass, crisp treble and a perfectly balanced midrange. With a full feature microphone and remote you can easily switch between calls and music as well as turn music on, off or change tracks. The Originals come complete in a stylish copper tin, invoking a classic yet high-fashion feel and Swedish heritage.

VAIN Originals earphones have recently been reviewed by DataTransmission:3

“Ingeniously, the ear pieces also connect together magnetically which enables you to connect them around your neck when not using them and helps prevent tangled cords. Why someone hasn’t introduced this idea earlier we don’t know. It’s so simple yet makes such a big difference to usability…So if you’re looking for beauty and the beats in a pair of in-ears you know where to look

Read the full review here!

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