New u-JAYS headphones from JAYS – In Stock This Week!

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As the exclusive distributor of JAYS in the UK, Netherlands and Russia, u-JAYS headphones will be in stock from Frequency this week and available to order from our web shop. The Swedish headphone maker recently presented its new on-ear headphones that emphasise comfort, sound and quality for an effortless musical experience made to last.

“We are happy to announce the release of u-JAYS, the first on-ear headphones from Jays with a focus on perpetual high performing deliverance with comfortable ergonomics, balanced sound and a meticulous eye for detail at its core. Our u-JAYS will provide a new benchmark for an effortless and inspirational musical experience made to last, available with full-feature three button remote controls for iOS, Windows or Android.”

“Two years of determined research and development brought us an universally strong encounter with music, sound and feelings that we are proud to pass on and share with our users, fans and friends in the true spirit of JAYS. We are certain that u-JAYS will make all of us a little bit better. We have a total crush on those two sweet cans of radness that comes in a variety of metallic nuances, seamlessly linked with an arc of gentle greatness.” (Source: JAYS)

“We are happy and excited to bring our new u-JAYS to the market. It has been an interesting journey to develop what we consider one of the best on-ear headphones we have seen. Here we have a true game changer, following the tradition we have set out for ourselves at Jays” says Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO, Jays AB (publ).

u-JAYS in detail:

  • Great comfort and ergonomics
  • Exchangeable cables and ear cushions
  • Available in black or white with different metal finishes
  • Metal core construction for additional strength
  • Full-feature three-button remote for iOS, Windows and Android
  • An acoustic system tailored to generate and open and dynamic sound
  • 40mm dynamic speaker with deep, balanced bass response and detailed mids and highs

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RRP: £169.99 I €239.99

u-JAYS will be available to ORDER this week from our web shop!

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