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What We Know About The iPhone 12 So Far

By September 14, 2020No Comments
Apple iPhone 12

Historically Apple has announced their new devices in September, however this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is widely understood that it might only happen in October. The Wall Street Journal said that Apple mass products are experiencing delays of about a month. Apple, who usually remain shtum about their new devices, broke their silence when CFO Luca Maestri confirmed that it will be delayed by a few weeks.

Jon Prosser, better known for his Android-related leaks, investigated Apple rumours and released some speculative dates. He claims that he has never had a product announcement date wrong so far. Here’s his post:

iPhone12 Release dates

How many iPhones are going to be in this range?

If the rumours are to be believed, the new iPhone range will include 4 devices with screens ranging from 5.4 to 6.7inches and will be named:

iPhone 12 5.4-inch screen
iPhone 12 Max 6.1-inch screen
iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch screen
iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-inch screen

Design rumours

As soon as the iPhone 11 was launched, speculation began with enthusiasts asking how Apple would top the device next. And yet, without fail, Apple has always managed to deliver the goods.

To us at Frequency, the design is the most important bit as we have started to prepare a range of mobile accessories for these devices.

Although the screen size for the 12 Pro Max is rumoured to be a whopping 6.7 inches, the actual handset won’t change too much as the bezels are to be a lot smaller than normal.

If you can’t picture what all these new features and sizes may look like, Svetapple has taken the big rumours and created some speculative renders of what the iPhone 12 might look like. If you can cast your mind back to the iPhone 4 and 5, you may recognise the flatter edges of the devices.

The Pro Max is rumoured to have 4 cameras: Wide camera, Ultra-wide camera, Telephoto camera and lastly LiDAR Scanner.

On the more technical end of things, CNET suggests the phone will have an A14 chip. This means a faster processor and screen refresh, allowing you to switch from 60hz to 120hz to not drain the battery.

YouTube channel ‘Apple Explained’ suggests the flat edges will be stainless steel and that Navy Blue will replace last year’s Forest Green colour.

What comes in the box?

Some believe that the box will not include any no power adapter, but have an upgraded cable made from a braided fabric to improve durability. It may even be without the Apple stickers.

Our accessories range

At Frequency, we have all the iPhone 12 series accessories available for pre-order. You can find screen protectors and cases in our Eiger, FujiGlass, Case FortyFour and i-Blason product ranges. Contact us today to ensure that you have the right mobile accessories when these new and exciting iPhone 12 devices hit the shelves.


Eiger | 3D GLASS Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Eiger 3D Glass offers high-quality materials and protection. But unlike Eiger Standard Glass screen protectors, it uses a special process enabling it to be curved to match the device’s screen it is protecting.

Mountain Glass Screen Protector

Mountain Glass is Eiger’s strongest screen protector yet. It’s crafted from super-strong alumino-silicate glass, meaning it’s a highly protective solution for your device.

70% improved anti-shock capacity, 40% improved anti-bending capacity and 40% improved anti-pressure capacity. This improved resistance and durability will ensure your device’s screen is protected against impacts and scratches.


Fuji Curved-to-fit Screen Protector

Fuji is made with premium Japanese tempered glass and glue to ensure the best protection and adhesion. The high viscosity glue ensures strong adhesion and helps prevent any lifting. It offers high-quality materials and protection with a curved edge, designed to be used in combination with your phone case. The oleophobic coating has been applied to create a long-lasting, oil-resistant and anti-fingerprint barrier that is easy to clean and protects against dirt and dust. These screen protectors are 9 times harder than standard glass and feature a 0.33mm ultra-thin, scratch resistant, rounded edge design with high definition clarity.

Phone cases


Eiger North Case

Eiger North Case features a two-layer design to help protect your device against impacts or shocks. With an inner TPU shell and an outer protective case it is ideal for everyday business use and active lifestyles!

Eiger Glacier Case

Eiger Glacier Case, in Alpine ice design for crystal clear protection, is another addition to Eiger rugged protection case range. It features independent button technology in a shadow black design. Unique anti-scratch and anti-yellow Glacier Tec+, along with raised edges and an effective ventilation system provides enhanced overall protection.

Case FortyFour

Case FortyFour No.1

Slim, lightweight protection! No.1 Case is an ultra-flexible TPU shell offering a precise, form-fit design and intelligent impact protection for your device. Perfect for showcasing your device and maintaining its slim design, No.1 Case delivers everyday protection against impacts, scratches, dirt and dust. The ultra-flexible, TPU design also makes the case easy to attach and remove.

Case FortyFour No.11

Designed for those on-the-go, the No.11 Case features 3 credit card slots and a cash pocket, making it the perfect everyday accessory. A built-in stand makes this phone case great for watching videos hands-free as well as viewing photos and browsing the web. The folio design includes an integrated shell for added protection, whilst the front cover will keep your screen safe.

About Frequency Telecom

Established in 2002, Frequency Telecom is an expert in delivering mobile accessories and mobile signal solutions.  The company is proud to have worked with a number of high-profile customers creating uniquely branded and bespoke products across a range of different industries, including the Public Sector, Retail, B2B and Corporate Businesses. Working closely with its partners, including Bury, Huawei, Samsung, Nextivity Cel-Fi and Eiger Protection, Frequency manages all accessory requirements from sourcing specific products to bespoke manufactured solutions whilst offering competitive pricing and fast service. Additional information is available at, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Frequency is the Master Distributor of Cel-Fi products in the UK and Ireland.

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