Screen protector range for an EU Network Operator

The Challenge

Develop a range of screen protectors for a client of an EU distribution partner

The Product

Jaym Packaging

Business Benefits

  • Develop a bespoke range of screen protectors
  • Premium packaging fully recyclable

Business Needs

We were approached by one of our European distribution partners to assist them with the development of a range of screen protectors for one of their Network Operator Partners.

The Solution

This ODM project specified a detailed glass product with an innovative screen applicator. The in-house team at Frequency also designed and created premium packaging for the products that are fully recyclable and in their language. This provided our customer with a truly bespoke and unique product to present to their Network Partner.

We negotiated a price with our customer to ensure that the price positioning of this new product in the marketplace was competitive, placing them in a position to achieve success with the range.

The customer has reported a great uptake of the product which has resulted in the expansion of the brand and further collaboration on other projects.