Keyboard Cases for EU school district

The Challenge

Develop protective Swiss language keyboard cases for a large school district

Business Benefits

  • Swiss language keyboard cases were provided where none existed previously
  • The keyboard range was extended to include other ipad variants under the ‘Go Type’ name

Business Needs

Through one of our distribution partners in Europe, we were asked to develop a Swiss language protective keyboard case that would be supplied to a large school district for use with ipad 10.2 devices that were being rolled out to the student body.

The typical German QWERTZ keyboard that is more readily available was not viable as there are differences between the languages that are not represented on most keyboards which meant we had to develop from the ground up.

The Solution

In consultation with our customer, we started by working on the keyboard layout. They advised exactly how they needed the layout to be programmed. Frequency provided a number of sample cases for the customer to choose from determined by the level of protection it offered, ease of use and potential pricing.

The lead time for the project was very tight and therefore we had to work closely with the selected factory to ensure the keyboard cases were completed within the required time frame and shipped without delay.

After 6 months we have had several re-orders of this keyboard for the customer and due to the success, our European distributor has bought other ipad variants to launch into the local market under the ‘Go Type’ name.