How can a mobile signal booster improve my business?

In an age where reliable mobile signal is regarded as an essential commodity, dropped calls and low data caused by weak mobile signal continue to cause frustration for many mobile customers. It is not uncommon for mobile phone users to have to step outside to make and receive phone calls. Whilst the government has pledged to improve mobile signal coverage geographically across the UK, this will only extend to outside mobile coverage.

Mobile signal boosters have been presented as a solution to solve the universal problem of mobile signal coverage for years, but many customers are disillusioned by the legality, cost and deployment of these.

In this FREE webinar, we will address the many misconceptions about mobile signal boosters and explain how mobile signal boosters can improve coverage in any indoor space.

  • Are they legal to use?
  • Will I need to change my infrastructure to install them?
  • Can I use it for one or more networks?
  • Are they expensive?
  • Will it provide a signal in my home?
  • Can it provide cover in my large industrial space or office?


15 September @ 10:30


Gareth Limpenny | CEO Frequency Telecom

Gareth Limpenny founded Frequency Telecom in April 2001. Over the past 20 years, Frequency Telecom has flourished in the ever-changing mobile accessories landscape. In 2018, Frequency became a Master Distributor for Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters in the UK and Ireland when it was declared OFCOM licence-exempt.

Colin Abrey | VP Sales EMEA region, Nextivity

Colin Abrey is vice president, Channel Sales for the EMEA region at Nextivity. He has spent more than 30 years in wireless and international telecoms industries. He has deployed many large-scale in-building projects, including airports, convention centres, hospitals, malls, commercial buildings, sports stadia and hotels.

Colin Giles | Sales Manager Frequency

Colin Giles is the Sales Manager for Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters in Frequency. He has brokered many deals and deployed Cel-Fi solutions in companies like the BBC, Hotel Chocolat, NHS and many others.

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